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Mumbai to Port Macquarie

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This is an account of a my personal sojourn though life with it's many twists and turns. As you may later discover (if you're not already awake to the idea) , the universe has brought you here through a series of yes responses from yourself.

Chance is a concept I subscribe to... never is it luck.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Job Done

When a tree falls in the rainfores it may be the first time that light has hit the forest floor in 50 years or more. Within weeks seeds that have laid dormant, waiting for such a moment, begin what in some cases is a 200 year journey to the to the top of the forest. Some of those seeds grow into vines and may grow 8m a year. These sadly pass on within a few years, however they make way for the much slower growing hardwood trees. These trees spend the time to develop a strong core and have little competition for the canopy - the ultimate space and the engine room of the forest.

The analogies found in the forest and the rest of nature are obvious. I look for them everywhere.

This year I have finished a long and hard journey. The goal was to finish the Port Macquarie Ironman and in doing so this beacon I was aiming for would take me on a course of action that would forever change my life. I have thought long and hard about what I would write in the race report, for this is the final chapter right? Wrong. There is no final chapter. The race was important however by the time I was floating in the water, waiting for cannon to fire, this leg of the journey was done. Mumbai killed the worst parts of me, Ironman spawned a new me or perhaps dug up the relics of the best of me and re-fueled the fire that has long been but a flicker of light.

The helicopter flew over head, the pro's started to swim, then the cannon went off - in that order. Game on. I swam conservatively then rode with reckless ambition. One by one I went past the better swimmers until the 90km mark. Then 'bang', no, not the sound of an exploding tyre, rather the sound my heart made when a group of 40 odd triathletes ride back past. I was in a world of hurt. I rode the whole way on my own and watched as this group sat up, tucked in and took a free ride to the marathon. 3 motor bikes went with them and few, if any, got pinged for drafting.

I made it to T2 in a little better shape and began the marathon. Any ideas I had of beating a rounded hour time were long since gone. It was simply survival. The sun was unforgiving as it fought desperately to cling on to it's time in the southern hemisphere. Damn it did a good job of it! Lap 1 down and I was feeling ok, lap 2 down and I saw the first PIS member finish 3rd overall to a roaring and excited crowd. I knew my time was to come but first I had to learn something out here. Humility? Tolerance? perhaps many more. The 3rd lap was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Every step was harder than the one before until Scam gave me some encouragement 2km from the finish. I found a last reserve and enjoyed the finish of the race with seemingly fresh legs. The last 100m is a drug, both addictive and anesthetizing.

I have written all but a white paper on the race. I have considered everything I did in preparation and there is long list of things to put in place for next year. But for now at least I get to have some well-earned rest. I may even get to know Dr Phil and the others as people and not training machines!

Today marks 12 months until my next attempt. I have entered - Bring it on!

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