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Mumbai to Port Macquarie

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Monday, October 12, 2009

A little more on Mumbai

Recovery from the tough week is almost complete. So much so that I am ready to do it all again. It is funny how the human mind so naturally forgets the bad times and paints a rosy picture on such times. I guess this is an important part of our evolution, I mean who would have a second child if they remember (fully) having the first one? We are a positive breed by nature which has ensured our survival as a species. It may not work that way for me if I keep forgetting what 'too much' looks like.
It took a long time for me to get over what happened in Mumbai - which I will touch on again in a moment - but I really want to get back there and finish off the trip I started almost a year ago. I guess that is also true for my return to the sport of triathlon. I've been hit by 2 cars and somehow, over time, it hardly seems real. If I remembered fully, the experience, then there would be no chance of me getting back out there. There you go, gotta love that human spirit. It is an innate quality we all share.
Liv and I had made it back to our hotel room after hearing the explosion nearby. There was clearly something big going on in Mumbai and it was almost as though it was following us, or we were following it. The news on the TV were only early accounts but they did point out that Mumbai was under attack from terrorists and that it appeared that the targets were The English and Americans - my English passport was on me which added to my own situation. We heard many explosions, some much louder than others, then only a few moments later the news would report them. It was clear we were in for a long night.
There is a light moment that happened about now in the story. When we ran upstairs after the first bomb went off we naturally left without our meals and beers. Clearly oblivious to the gravity of the situation, a young Indian fella knocked on our door and brought in the food and beer we left behind. Then waited around until Liv and I could pony up the dough to cover it. It is something that still brings a little laugh when Liv and I recount it.
The news on the TV was getting much worse as it filtered in from around the city and as it happened. Gradually it was emerging that there were many sites that the terrorists had targeted and that there was no end in sight. The explosions we enormous and each one made made us accutely aware that we needed to do something other than sit a be a possible target. There wasn't much we could do other than turn the lights off and barracade up our room. We pushed furniture up against the door and jammed it against the opposite wall.
We then could only sit out the night and mentally prepare for the worst. Our fear was that our hotel would be next and we were sitting ducks.

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