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This is an account of a my personal sojourn though life with it's many twists and turns. As you may later discover (if you're not already awake to the idea) , the universe has brought you here through a series of yes responses from yourself.

Chance is a concept I subscribe to... never is it luck.

Monday, October 5, 2009

One Tough Week

Mostly, powerful intrinsic motivation serves to help in the achieving of a goal like preparing for an ironman. It has helped me train through a cold dark winter. It also helped me lose the 26kg I have lost and get through the early part of my return to the sport when my knees, elbows and shoulders hurt. Intrinisic motivation makes a comeback to triathlon feel like no motivation at all is required. I can now blame it for my toughest week yet, and it wasn't from the number of k's I did. A week ago I had my day of hell a couple of days after a club race. The difference to other hard days was the intensity. It has been picked up but I didn't reduce my miles or add in more rest. The result: halfway into a main set in the pool I pulled up, unable physically or emotionally to continue. I was shattered and remained in that state until now, 3 days later.

Early signs of over training were all there and I chose to push through and it has cost me a week of effective training. I am glad that I have been preparing for the 70.3 as though it is the big one in March, Much like a full dress rehearsal. A good thing too as I can no add over-training to putting shoes in the wrong peddles on a race day to my list of screw-ups.

My symptoms of over-training I ignored until to late:
  • Shitty mood - everything and everyone was annoying me. ( this also happens without training sometimes!)
  • Unable to sleep despite being exhausted
  • Gastric (upper and lower) disturbance
  • Big changes in diet and cravings.
  • Severe muscle pain - my legs particularly hurt like never before.
  • Swim times were much slower despite effort.

By the time I realised it was time to back off I could hardly walk or hold a conversation. We all have a barometer. I just need to pay attention to mine.

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